I'm Chloe, and I love supporting individuals and families to feel healthy, happy, and informed during pregnancy, birth, and early days with a newborn. I've been teaching yoga since 2009, and have over 500 hours of training in hatha, yin, yoga for pregnancy/postpartum, and Core Confidence. I have experience attending births both in and out of the hospital, and have provided support to a wide range of families internationally.


I am now settled in Guelph, Ontario with my partner and our toddler. I am a CAPPA Certified Doula, Lactation Educator (CLE) in training, and a proud member of the Guelph Community Breastfeeding Collaborative as well as the Association of Ontario Doulas. I am part of the incredible team at Guelph Family Doulas, and

feel excited to dive back into my work, now as a mother. I have experienced the many joys and struggles that go along with pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and becoming a parent, and I have a new appreciation for how essential support is in the perinatal time. 


What kept me going over the past few years was having access to non-judgemental support and validation, accurate information, a sense of community with other parents, and a changing, accessible yoga practice. My services offer exactly that. My approach is open minded, light hearted, and evidence based. I will provide you with information, practical tools and reassurance, and you will be empowered to make informed decisions about your body and baby with confidence. 

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